man receiving a felled bird from his dog

Upland Hunting in Oregon

Oregon’s Highland Hills Ranch is by all measures a legendary wingshooting lodge. When you book a hunt at this 3,000-acre sporting estate, you are...

Firesteel Creek Lodge

Five Things ‘Firesteelers’ Get to Do

The quarter-million acres that make up South Dakota’s Firesteel Creek Lodge property are home to a seemingly infinite number of pheasants, sharp-tailed grouse and...

Greystone Castle Sporting Club

Texas Hospitality in an Extraordinary Setting

The Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge Program and Greystone Castle Sporting Club Manager Patrick Wall recently reviewed some FAQs that illustrate why this Texas wingshooting oasis is one of...

Flying B Hunters

First-Class Western Bird Hunting 

Enjoy spectacular views, gourmet cuisine and the hands-on hospitality of a warm and friendly staff at this Shooting Sportsman Endorsed wingshooting lodge.

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Five Ways to Enjoy Heritage 1865

While Iowa holds a stratospheric position on the list of America’s breadbasket states, it also maintains a similar spot on a list of “birdbasket”...