Tricked Out for Travel

"Travel” means different things to different people. For some it involves trekking around the globe via planes, trains and automobiles. For others it’s simply...

dog in grass

On Choosing a Pointing Dog

As bird hunters, we all appreciate the beauty of a classy pointing dog that hunts in control, sticks every point and effortlessly retrieves downed...

Landing Gear

There’s a moment in waterfowling when everything changes. It’s when the birds commit and lower their “landing gear” to set in. It’s also when...

Lost Dog!

Few experiences in the field are worse than knowing your dog is out there somewhere yet having no idea where. I’m not talking about...

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

SPONSORED CONTENT: SHOOTING SPORTSMAN PARTNERS Need holiday gift ideas for wingshooters? Shooting Sportsman has you covered with our annual Holiday Gift Guide. Our staff...

Apex Waterfowl Shells

The Best Ammo for the Best Hunt

There’s a long list of non-toxic shotshell options for the duck and goose hunter, and picking the right loads can be the difference between success and disappointment.

Travis Vacek

Five Must-Haves for Every Waterfowler

Having spent much of his life chasing waterfowl, Travis knows how important having the right gear is to being successful. Here are Travis’s Top 5 Must-Have Items that he takes with him on every hunt.


‘Up’ for the Uplands

Just as athletes get “up” for a game, wingshooters must properly prepare for hunting season. This involves not only getting ready mentally and physically...

two dogs

Cover Dogs to Covet

There have been a lot of changes in wingshooting in the past century or so. Side-by-side shotguns have been joined by over/unders, pumps and...

Winghaven Lodge

Five More Ways to Enjoy Winghaven Lodge

Winghaven offers some of the best-flying quail in the country in addition to a few other upland species, but a visit to the lodge is more than just about a great experience afield. Here are five other things you’ll want to be sure to do.