Brays Island Plantation Upland Hunt

Living High in the Lowcountry

The idyllic Lowcountry region is home to Brays Islands Plantation. Discover the incredible activities and amenities surrounding this sportsman's paradise.

Negrini gun case

Spring Breaking

As winter comes to an end, you can almost hear a collective, “Ahhhh,” as shooters step outside, fill their lungs with fresh air and...

Issues & Answers | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Shot Talk: Issues & Answers

It’s time again for my annual sharing of letters with issues and answers of broad interest to SSM readers. Following is a sample of...

‘Stay-Away’ Gear

When you travel to hunt, the places you stay can run the gamut. From remote camps to fancy lodges, accommodations and amenities can range...

Gallyon Gun & Rifle Makers | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Gallyon Gun & Rifle Makers

Photographs by Simon Buck It was July in Norfolk, and Mark Fitzer stood in a sun-bleached field of wheat and pointed to a clump...

Bourbon & Bobwhites

Although bourbon is presently distilled in just about every state in America, the one most strongly associated with the corn-based whiskey is Kentucky.