Meemo's Farm

Meemo’s Has It All

At a unique destination in Michigan, a wide array of offerings satisfies the tastes of many.

Harpole’s Heartland Lodge

Heartland Lodge’s Combo Hunts

Gary Harpole, of Harpole’s Heartland Lodge, in Nebo, Illinois, has been a huge proponent of combo hunts for years and has weaved so many two-in-one options into his hunting program that he has become a “Combo King” of sorts.

Ameri-Cana Expeditions

What’s up with Canada?

Ameri-Cana is one of the top waterfowl outfitters in North America and a Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge.

Two More Adventures Added! | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Two More Adventures Added!

We have added two additional hunts: at Joshua Creek Ranch, in Boerne, Texas, and Flying B Ranch, in Kamiah, Idaho.


Readers & Writers Adventures FAQs

The annual rollout of the 2021-’22 Shooting Sportsman Readers & Writers Adventures hunts has begun, and questions about how the trips work have been flooding in. Accordingly, we felt that it would be appropriate to repost a list of FAQs.

Rio Piedra Plantation

Cultivating Quail

A quail hunting mecca in the heart of South Georgia’s plantation belt.

GOING PLACES: Heritage 1865

Heritage 1865

There is an unspoken feeling of returning to the family farm that makes the experience of hunting at Heritage 1865 all the richer.