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Weatherby Orion Sporting

How does a 57-year-old former boarding-school teacher end up taking over for the august Bruce Buck in the pages of Shooting Sportsman? I have...

Kevin’s Poli Plantation Over/Under

Kevin’s Poli Plantation shotgun is made by Poli, in Italy, to the specifications requested by Kevin Kelly to sell in his gunshops in Thomasville,...

Fausti DEA SLX | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Fausti DEA SLX

It was 1948 when a young Stefano Fausti started Fausti Stefano Arms, in Brescia, Italy, along the Mella River. When he retired, in 1996,...

Holland & Holland’s London Map Gun | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Holland & Holland’s London Map Gun

Conceived as an exhibition-grade piece based on London being a world trading hub, the gun is inlaid with gold, silver and copper—representing the metals that were traded as currency.

Orvis Introduces the Heritage | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Orvis Introduces the Heritage

Recently the Manchester, Vermont-based company introduced the Orvis Heritage, a 20-gauge side-by-side produced by Fabarm and based on the Italian gunmaker’s Classis model.

Krieghoff’s 2022 Gun of the Year | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Krieghoff’s 2022 Gun of the Year

Since the late 1990s Krieghoff has commissioned each year a special engraving project called “The Gun of the Year” that is unveiled at IWA OutdoorClassics, in Nuremberg.

The ‘Best’ Benellis | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

The ‘Best’ Benellis

Benelli has set the bar high with its Magnifico Set of Five, made to celebrate the company’s first 50 years.