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hunter takes aim on some birds overhead

A Preseason Checklist

Scouts know the following words well: Be prepared. And as the upland seasons approach, it would be wise for hunters to adopt this motto,...

Bird flying on to the water

Bird Names to Change

This past fall the American Ornithological Society announced it will change the English names of all bird species named for people, beginning with 70...

Dog perched on some rocks

One Man’s Flushers

A welcome breeze cooled me as I sat on the long-deceased carcass of an evergreen high in the mountains of Nevada. Tucker playfully rolled...

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Smashing-Good Gear

For the shotgunner, there are few things as satisfying as smashing a clay target. Figuring out the lead, speed and perfect break point, and...

Guide to Guides and Outfitters

Guide to Bird Guides & Outfitters

Whether you’re looking to hunt grouse in Maine, waterfowl in Saskatchewan or desert quail in Arizona, the questions are always the same: Who has...

Rubber Match

Waterproof walking boots I’ll confess that I have PTSD when it comes to rubber boots. Some of the worst blisters I’ve suffered have been...

Endorsed Lodges

Take the guessing out of booking your next hunt. View the Guide

Fine Guns

Beretta A400 Upland 28

Prior to the release of Beretta’s A400 Upland in 28 gauge, Remington was the last gun manufacturer to produce a 28-gauge 3" gas-operated semi-auto...


Longthorne Vanguard Model 3002

I admire English shotguns for their pedigree of technical innovation, storied history, artistry and ethereal handling qualities. I extol their virtues often. The Longthorne...

Remington 870 Fieldmaster

If you’re a hunter, there’s a good chance that a Remington 870 is resting in your gun closet. Since 1950 more than 11 million...


Cosmi Steel Deluxe

I saw my first Cosmi in 2018, and I was smitten. More recently a client brought one in for show-and-tell. He offered: “I’m not...


How to Replenish Your Dog’s Energy

SPONSORED CONTENT: INUKSHUK PROFESSIONAL DOG FOOD When it comes to feeding your dog, you won’t find one option that holds for all dogs across...