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The Long & Short of It

Some grouse and woodcock hunters are concerned that they are being handicapped by using shorter barrels. They need not worry.

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Cyril S. Adams

Cyril S. Adams

Shooting Sportsman asked several of his longtime friends to comment on the qualities that defined his character.

Purdey Sporter Sunglasses

Gear to Go

When it is “go time” again, gear that serves in the field, at the lodge or en route will be appreciated.

Indoor Drills

Indoor Drills

Six simple drills that can be practiced indoors with a minimal amount of equipment.

Endorsed Lodges

Take the guessing out of booking your next hunt. View the Guide

Fine Guns

Fabarm Autumn

Fabarm Autumn

The new 20-gauge is designed for the uplands, with sleek lines and a rounded action perfect for carrying in the grouse woods or pheasant fields.


Eukanuba Sporting Dog

How to Feed Your Dog

Here are some important factors to consider when creating your dog’s feeding program. [Sponsored Content]

Hypothermia & Gundogs

Hypothermia & Gundogs

The leading cause of injury to retrievers during the late season is hypothermia, so hunters need to be vigilant about checking on their dogs during a hunt.