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Bourbon & Bobwhites

Although bourbon is presently distilled in just about every state in America, the one most strongly associated with the corn-based whiskey is Kentucky. The...

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Pigeon Grade | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Pigeon Grade

Although there are several ways to “dizzy” a pigeon to keep it from flying away once planted, it’s easier and more reliable to use a release trap.

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Issues & Answers | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Issues & Answers

It’s time again for my annual sharing of letters with issues and answers of broad interest to SSM readers. Following is a sample of...

‘Stay-Away’ Gear

When you travel to hunt, the places you stay can run the gamut. From remote camps to fancy lodges, accommodations and amenities can range...

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Fausti DEA SLX | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Fausti DEA SLX

It was 1948 when a young Stefano Fausti started Fausti Stefano Arms, in Brescia, Italy, along the Mella River. When he retired, in 1996,...


First-Season Expectations

You’ve built up to your pup’s first hunting season—but what should you expect from your young dog? The experts weigh in. Sponsored Content