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Dog carrying bird

South Dakota’s Accessible Acres

In 2016 the hailstorms that hit North Dakota devastated the little piece of private upland paradise that our group of Michigan hunters had been...

Trigger of a fine gun

The William Powell Princeps

What I love about the British gun trade is that the next big thing can often be more than a hundred years old. Take...

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Quail hunting at Fishing Creek Farms

Boutique Bobwhite Hunting

Located in northern Georgia, Fishing Creek Farms caters to discerning quail hunters who value the traditions of the sport and offers an experience that is unique on many levels.

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Fine Guns

Kevin’s Poli Plantation Over/Under

Kevin’s Poli Plantation shotgun is made by Poli, in Italy, to the specifications requested by Kevin Kelly to sell in his gunshops in Thomasville,...

Fausti DEA SLX | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Fausti DEA SLX

It was 1948 when a young Stefano Fausti started Fausti Stefano Arms, in Brescia, Italy, along the Mella River. When he retired, in 1996,...


Big Air!

When it comes to dog training, attitude is everything. Barton Ramsey of Southern Oak Kennels, in Saltillo, Mississippi, keeps the attitude high with his...