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Gun & Trophy Insurance

Gun & Trophy Insurance

How do you achieve peace of mind that should something happen to your guns or trophies—or heaven forbid both—that you’ll be made whole?

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Finishing a Gunstock Butt | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Finishing a Gunstock Butt

By Delbert Whitman Jr. & Reid Bryant A fine double gun is a marriage of form and function. When approached with a critical eye,...

Young Guns | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Young Guns

If a child is strong enough to control a shotgun and mature enough to understand instruction and safety, then he or she is ready to begin shooting.

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Tom Beckbe

Tom Beckbe Opens Flagship Store

The new store occupies 1,300 square feet and includes a cocktail bar and a glass-encased “Workshop,” where brass plates are custom engraved for outerwear, bags and accessories and where the staff can produce made-to-measure hunting vests.

A Work on Woodies

A Work on Woodies

With Wings Extended has chapters on taxonomy and anatomy, nesting habits, migration, hunting and more.

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Fine Guns

TriStar Bristol

The TriStar Bristol: a good-shooting side-by-side at a modest price.