Five One-of-a-Kind Experiences at The Signature Lodge

More than any other state, South Dakota is synonymous with pheasant hunting, and it likely will always be the ringneck capital of America. If you find yourself hunting at The Signature Lodge by Cheyenne Ridge Outfitters, in Pierre, you’ll be in the thick of the action and will likely bag a ton of birds. But your stay at this world-famous lodge will feature much more than just a great time in the field.

Meet Chef Sean

Guests rarely find themselves disappointed when pushing away from the dining table at 5-star wingshooting lodges. These establishments all have great chefs who play key roles in keeping clients happy. The Signature Lodge’s Sean Finley, however, is far more than just a great chef. He is a prominent figure in the shooting industry with an incredibly diverse international background in guiding, lodge management and business administration. He is a key operator for John Burrell's High Adventure Company and has been the General Manager of The Signature Lodge for 14 years. And boy does he have stories to tell! Strike up a chat with Sean and find out for yourself.

The Signature Lodge Pheasant Hunter

Marvel at the Interns

You’ll probably notice a troop of young folks tending to a wide variety of “guest service” tasks at The Signature Lodge. You’ll also notice that they are doing a bang-up job with their respective duties. The lodge serves as an intern venue for some of the most talented collegiate hospitality and wildlife-management students in the country. Many of the students are enrolled at Auburn University seeking degrees in Wildlife Enterprise Management (WELM), which is one of only two such programs in the US. Hard-working and extremely polite, they are the best of the younger generation and the future of the outdoor-service industry.

The Signature Lodge Duck Hunter

Book a Duck Hunt

Yes, The Signature Lodge is an upland operation in the heart of pheasant country, but what you might not know is that it has a sister lodge in one of North America’s finest waterfowl destinations. The North Platte Outpost is located on the North Platte River in the Scotts Bluff area of Nebraska—where the duck and goose leases are among the most sought-after in America. In other words, you have to “know a guy” to hunt there. Or you can just talk to the folks at The Signature Lodge about arranging a hunt.

The Signature Lodge Ice Bar

Cool Down at the Ice Bar

If there were a contest for the coolest bar at a wingshooting lodge, The Signature Lodge’s Ice Bar would be the odds-on favorite to win first place. That’s right: “ice bar,” meaning the surface of the bar is made of ice. It will keep your drink cold forever and make for a cool pic to send to family and friends back home.

Heat Up in the Hot Tub

Hot tubs are great but, for some inexplicable reason, we tend to forego the indulgence of a good soak. With a stunning view of Lake Oahe, the tub at The Signature Lodge promises a wonderfully restorative experience that is the perfect way to end a fantastic day of pheasant chasing. Don’t skip it!

The Signature Lodge at Night

The Signature Lodge by Cheyenne Ridge Outfitters is a full-service Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge and one of several US wingshooting destinations operated by the High Adventure Company. To learn more or make a reservation, call 877-850-5144, email or visit

Photographs courtesy of The Signature Lodge by Cheyenne Ridge Outfitters.

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