Pheasant Bonanza

Pheasant Bonanza offers 2,500 acres of prime upland cover as well as luxury accommodations in the new Benjamin Schoonover Lodge.

Dog trainer and guide Tracey Lieske

Wild Wing North Outfitters

Dog trainer and guide Tracey Lieske has used the Northern grouse woods as summer training grounds for many years.


Grouse of a Feather

Which spot in the vast North Woods would give me an exemplary feel for both the hunting and the hunters? The answer came from Minnesota photographer Lee Kjos, who during a phone conversation mentioned Little Moran and its proprietor, Steve Grossman.


Rio Piedra Plantation Bird Hunt

Make plans to join Shooting Sportsman for bobwhite quail wingshooting in the plantation belt at the renowned Rio Piedra Plantation, November 16-20, 2016.

The Hunter's Heartland

For me, though, the essence of Heartland Lodge was captured in the final image of our last day’s hunt, a perfect blue-sky December day spent in the field with guide Terry Abney: the sudden blaze of sunset on a cackling rooster’s wings, the gun’s thump against my shoulder, and out there beyond the dogs, right where the hillside falls away, the sight of golden feathers bursting like a firecracker and the big bird tumbling, tumbling down.

Hi on Quail

Here at North Carolina’s George Hi Plantation, a team of plantation managers, native-grass specialists and forest planners are turning back time to one largely forgotten. George Hi’s 1,000 acres of pines and old fields have been hunted with pointing dogs since before the Civil War, and today there’s a massive program of habitat improvement transforming the spread.

Paradise in Patagonia

One of the best-kept secrets in wingshooting There are very few best-kept secrets in wingshooting. Most of the world’s premier bird hunting opportunities were...