Five Ways You’ll Enjoy Your Stay at Fishing Creek Farms

Fishing Creek Farms

Guided Georgia quail hunts are nothing if not reliable. You are pretty much guaranteed to get lots of shooting and witness some spectacular dogwork in the process. There’s no better example of this than at Fishing Creek Farms, where the birds and dogs are among the very best in the state. At the same time, Fishing Creek provides guests with an overall experience that stretches far beyond the actual hunt. Consider the list below a guide to how to enjoy your stay there to the fullest!

Get to Know Your Hosts

Fishing Creek specializes in highly personalized guest experiences. The better you get to know Lodge Manager Brandy Trull, Hospitality Manager Breianna Pettway and the rest of the staff, the better they’ll get to know you—and they’ll use that knowledge to cater to your individual preferences. For example, you’ll have to mention that you like IPA better than lager only once before you merely need to say “beer” to get exactly what you want.

Learn More About Dogs

Tyla Kuhn is the former manager of Fishing Creek and still spends a lot of time around the facility. As the owner of Sunsage Sporting Dogs, she is a master trainer and breeder of pointing and flushing dogs. As such, she’s a treasure trove of knowledge on the subject of gundogs, and from questions about how the lodge dogs are trained to advice on how to correct a problem with a guest's dog, she’s happy to share her expertise.

Catch a Bass

Ask a wingshooter what his or her next-favorite thing is after bird hunting, and the most likely answer will be fishing. Most wingshooting lodges offer some sort of fishing on their premises because, siestas excluded, there’s simply no better way to spend the idle time before, between and after hunts. Fishing Creek has multiple ponds on the property that are inhabited by hard-fighting largemouth bass. Grab a rod, give it a go and add a trophy bass pic to your trip portfolio.

Enjoy the Ancillary Hangouts

Your private luxury lodging at Fishing Creek will be appointed with everything necessary for a blissful existence when you are not hunting or taking meals in the main lodge, but “holing up” in your lodge for the entire trip would mean missing the opportunity to experience a couple of the property’s coolest hangouts. The Lake Club, for example, offers the opportunity to enjoy your favorite drink while gazing at the sunset at the water’s edge, and the Wine Cellar is a great place to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or an evening cigar as you browse the lodge’s collection of fine wines. Both are easily accessible, so there’s no excuse not to indulge.

Dine in the Open Air

The weather in Georgia is often conducive to outdoor dining, and with its stone patio, firepit, plunge pool and bar facilities, Fishing Creek’s Outdoor Pavilion is the perfect setting in which to take a very memorable meal. Keep your eye on the forecast and, if Mother Nature gives the green light, put in a request for lunch or dinner at the Pavilion. It’s one of the many ways to get the most out of your time at the lodge.

Fishing Creek Farms is a full-service Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge. To learn more or to make a reservation, call 706-240-0106, email or visit

Photographs courtesy of Fishing Creek Farms.

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