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July/August 2024

Features Shotgunning’s Class of ’24 The year’s new smoothbores by Ralph P. Stuart South-of-the-Border Bobs The thrill of wild quail with El Dorado Outfitters...

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May/June 2024

Features Finding ‘The Way’ Embracing Wildrose Kennels’ ‘dogs of duality’ by Ralph P. Stuart James Woodward & Sons Unraveling the mystery of an enigmatic...

March/April 2024

Features This Old Ithaca Embodying a history of family, friendships and choices by Silvio Calabi Grouse & Grizzlies Hunting ruffs in the Northern Rockies by Noah...

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January/February 2024

Features: Westley's New Over/Unders, Grand Slam Gunning, Desert Bounty, One Last Hunt at Muck Pond and more.

November/December 2023

Features: Up Front with Fasti, In the Land of Kings, Hunting for Habitat, Grouse Guns of the Old Guard and more.

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September/October 2023

Features: New Basque Bests, Mixed Results, Black-Dirt Bobwhites, The Price of Asking and more

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July/August 2023

Features: This Season's Shotguns, A Driven-Shooting Primer, A Sporting Oasis, Getting Up for Duskys and more.

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May/June 2023

Features: The Legacy of Dumpy & Singo, Insights from the Long Room, The Magic of Driven Shooting, and more

March / April 2023

A Flight of Fancy Malcolm Appleby’s Dragonfly Gun by Douglas Tate Wild Birds, Wild Places Mixed-bag hunting with Wyoming Wings & Waters.

January/February 2023

Features Gallyon Gun & Rifle Makers Heirloom English guns built for a new era by Vic Venters An Argentina Adventure Doves & ducks with...

November/December 2022

Features: Teal After Teal Season, Shotgunning in the Shadows of History, The Brant of San Quintin Bay, and more

September/October 2022

Training your flushing dog to hunt in control, tips for senior shots on aging gracefully, the joys—and responsibilities—of guided hunts, and more.