Five Tips for a Fun Trip to Greystone Castle Sporting Club

Greystone Dog and Hunter

Book a hunt at the world-renowned Greystone Castle Sporting Club, in north-central Texas, and you’re going to hunt endless acres of great cover, see a ton of birds and witness some mighty-fine dogwork—key ingredients to ensuring a spectacular trip. But your adventure can include a lot more than that. Following are a few ways that you can heap additional enjoyment onto your Greystone experience!

Sate Your Curiosity

If you round a corner in France’s Loire Valley or Scotland’s Aberdeenshire and come across a medieval-looking castle, you might be awestruck by the structure’s beauty and grandeur, but you won’t be shocked to have encountered it. Come across such a structure in rural Texas, and your curiosity will instantly fly off the charts. Who built it? What was the impetus? How was it constructed? There’s certainly a lot to unpack, but it’s a fun story (no spoiler here), so don’t let the curiosity linger: Fire away with the questions.

The Ultimate Game of Poker

You’re with your buddies in the Longhorn State, and the card table sits in an exquisite African-themed gunroom. Has there ever been a better setting for a game of Texas hold ’em? Not likely. And, sure, you can go ahead and substitute spades or blackjack for poker, or bail on the cardplay altogether and simply enjoy a libation or a cigar in this cool space.

See Something Exotic

As a wingshooter, your focus at Greystone will be on the myriad huntable birds (upland and waterfowl) that inhabit the property’s 6,000 acres. But that shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying a chance encounter with one of the exotic big-game species that also call Greystone home. We’re talking axis deer, blackbuck antelope, red stag and a host of other equally uncommon critters. So keep that camera at the ready for the chance to bag a pic of something you don’t readily see in North America.

Enjoy the Weather

Winter is undoubtedly the high season for wingshooting in Texas, but it doesn’t take much of a warm front to create great temperatures for relaxing outdoors. The opportunity to spend happy hour on the patio or take an after-lunch siesta by the infinity pool is something to be savored, especially by guests who’ve traveled from the cold, harsh climes of Northern and Eastern states. Get out there, unwind in the sunshine and soak up a little vitamin D to get you through the rest of the winter.

Go Country

The day’s hunt has concluded. Next up: a beautiful sunset, cocktails and a sumptuous steak dinner. Does it get much better than that? It does if you add a little live entertainment to the mix! Greystone keeps connections with some folks who play a mean guitar and sing like the dickens. The lodge can arrange to incorporate music inspired by Texas legends like Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson into your evening. Put in the request, and you’ll be lined up for a “Best of Texas” evening you’ll never forget.

Greystone Castle Sporting Club is a full-service Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge. To learn more or to make a reservation, call 254-672-5927, email or visit

Greystone Castle Sporting Club is also a Shooting Sportsman Readers & Writers Adventures host. Click here to see details about Shooting Sportsman’s hosted hunt at Greystone Castle in February 2025!

Photographs courtesy of Greystone Castle Sporting Club.

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