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Five Ways to Enjoy Heritage 1865

While Iowa holds a stratospheric position on the list of America’s breadbasket states, it also maintains a similar spot on a list of “birdbasket”...

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Wingshooting: The Art & Science

If you’re looking to learn specialized techniques for competitive clay shooting, Wingshooting: The Art & Science is not the shotgunning guide for you. Nor...


The Southern Celebrates 25 Years

This April, when the community of shotgunners gathers for its rites of spring at Deep River Sporting Clays, in Sanford, North Carolina, the Southern...

Beretta A400 Upland 28

Prior to the release of Beretta’s A400 Upland in 28 gauge, Remington was the last gun manufacturer to produce a 28-gauge 3" gas-operated semi-auto...

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Landing Gear

There’s a moment in waterfowling when everything changes. It’s when the birds commit and lower their “landing gear” to set in. It’s also when...

Lost Dog!

Few experiences in the field are worse than knowing your dog is out there somewhere yet having no idea where. I’m not talking about...

Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

SPONSORED CONTENT: SHOOTING SPORTSMAN PARTNERS Need holiday gift ideas for wingshooters? Shooting Sportsman has you covered with our annual Holiday Gift Guide. Our staff...

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Remington 870 Fieldmaster

If you’re a hunter, there’s a good chance that a Remington 870 is resting in your gun closet. Since 1950 more than 11 million...


Cosmi Steel Deluxe

I saw my first Cosmi in 2018, and I was smitten. More recently a client brought one in for show-and-tell. He offered: “I’m not...


Sauer SL5 Select Wood

1. Our test gun had a 28", stepped-rib barrel, although 26" and 30" tubes are available. The black-matte-finish barrel is chrome-lined, and a red...

Fabarm Elos N2 RS Sporting

Fabarm Elos N2 RS Sporting

I own three Fabarm shotguns, and I’d like to own the one reviewed here: the Elos N2 RS Sporting in 12 gauge with 32"...


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Breaking, Bad

Breaking is the opposite of steadiness, and one of the most irritating behaviors retriever owners typically deal with.