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How to Replenish Your Dog’s Energy

SPONSORED CONTENT: INUKSHUK PROFESSIONAL DOG FOOD When it comes to feeding your dog, you won’t find one option that holds for all dogs across...

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Federal Duck Stamp Winner Announced

Every year wildlife artists from around the country vie to be named the winner of the Federal Duck Stamp competition. This past September, after...


Signature Roosters

Field-testing Krieghoffs at The Signature Lodge As many know, Krieghoff’s iconic design dates back to 1957, when the company acquired the patent for the...

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Guide to Guides and Outfitters

Guide to Bird Guides & Outfitters

Whether you’re looking to hunt grouse in Maine, waterfowl in Saskatchewan or desert quail in Arizona, the questions are always the same: Who has...

Rubber Match

Waterproof walking boots I’ll confess that I have PTSD when it comes to rubber boots. Some of the worst blisters I’ve suffered have been...


Tricked Out for Travel

"Travel” means different things to different people. For some it involves trekking around the globe via planes, trains and automobiles. For others it’s simply...

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Longthorne Vanguard Model 3002

I admire English shotguns for their pedigree of technical innovation, storied history, artistry and ethereal handling qualities. I extol their virtues often. The Longthorne...

Remington 870 Fieldmaster

If you’re a hunter, there’s a good chance that a Remington 870 is resting in your gun closet. Since 1950 more than 11 million...


Cosmi Steel Deluxe

I saw my first Cosmi in 2018, and I was smitten. More recently a client brought one in for show-and-tell. He offered: “I’m not...


Sauer SL5 Select Wood

1. Our test gun had a 28", stepped-rib barrel, although 26" and 30" tubes are available. The black-matte-finish barrel is chrome-lined, and a red...