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McKay Brown Changes Ownership | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

McKay Brown Changes Ownership

David McKay Brown’s superlative round-action guns will continue to be made in Scotland, following the recent acquisition of his business by Buchan Guns.

Garmin Releases Alpha 10 | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Garmin Releases Alpha 10

Garmin has developed the Alpha 10, the smallest and lightest dog-tracking handheld unit on the market.

Eldridge Hardie | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Eldridge Hardie 1940 - 2021

Eldridge Hardie, one of the preeminent sporting artists of our time and a man of great humanity, integrity and a steely but lightly worn resolve, passed away August 11 following a heart attack.

A Work on Woodies

A Work on Woodies

With Wings Extended has chapters on taxonomy and anatomy, nesting habits, migration, hunting and more.