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Chapuis Produces First Scaled .410

Last summer I traveled to Saint-Bonnet-le-Château, France, to visit Chapuis Armes (see “Vive le Chapuis!” Jan/Feb). Chapuis is one of the last remaining gun...


Fausti Classico WLM Hammergun

Italian hammerguns are rare, since the Val Trompia’s fine-gun trade didn’t fully evolve until after the development of the hammerless design. But one maker...

Purdey’s New Blades

Guns and knives have a long history. James Purdey and James Wilkinson were once rival gunmakers in Regency London, and both eventually earned royal...

Winston Churchill

Engraver Winston Churchill Dies

On July 31 an icon of 20th Century American engraving, Winston Churchill, died after a long illness. He was 83. Churchill was from seasoned...


Holland & Holland’s New Noble

Since 1883 Holland & Holland has called its best-quality gun the Royal. In a class by itself, the Royal has over the years incorporated...

Blue Book of Gun Values

The Invaluable Blue Book

At some point, whether looking to buy, sell, trade or simply satisfy personal curiosity, every shooter is bound to ask: How much is that...


Longthorne’s New Quail Gun

For the better part of a century the long-barreled pigeon gun and the lightweight, sub-gauge quail gun have coexisted at opposite ends of the...

Idaho Upland Days book

An Ode to Idaho’s Uplands

To my mind, there is something lovely about a person who loves the place he is from. It is easy, after all, to take...

Beretta Gun

Beretta’s ‘SL3 Tutankhamon’

During February’s SCI Convention, in Nashville, Beretta unveiled its one-of-a-kind SL3 the company is calling the “SL3 Tutankhamon.”