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A Sharp New Knifemaker: Salient Knives | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

A Sharp New Knifemaker

British artisanal knifemaker Salient Knives is introducing into the US a collection of knives designed for the hunting, shooting and outdoor markets.

The ‘Best’ Benellis | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

The ‘Best’ Benellis

Benelli has set the bar high with its Magnifico Set of Five, made to celebrate the company’s first 50 years.

Krieghoff's Sideplated K-20/S | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Krieghoff's Sideplated K-20/S

For only the second time the German firm has added spacious sideplates to one of its K-20s that have extended the area for engraved tableaus to mural proportions.

A Waterfowl Work | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

A Waterfowl Work

Signed standard editions of the 540-page hardcover are available for $99, and numbered and signed limited editions start at $250.