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Longthorne’s New Quail Gun

For the better part of a century the long-barreled pigeon gun and the lightweight, sub-gauge quail gun have coexisted at opposite ends of the...

Idaho Upland Days book

An Ode to Idaho’s Uplands

To my mind, there is something lovely about a person who loves the place he is from. It is easy, after all, to take...

Beretta Gun

Beretta’s ‘SL3 Tutankhamon’

During February’s SCI Convention, in Nashville, Beretta unveiled its one-of-a-kind SL3 the company is calling the “SL3 Tutankhamon.”

Guy de la Valdene

Guy de la Valdène 1944–2023

Guy de la Valdène, author and filmmaker, was perhaps more famous for the company he kept than the movies he made or the books he wrote.


New Mexico Adds Public Lands

54,000 acres of prime wildlife habitat has been added to New Mexico public land after the State acquired L Bar Ranch, near Laguna.

fowl in a field

Hunters Answer the Call of the Uplands

In front of a sold-out crowd at this past February’s National Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic, in Minneapolis, Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever President...

Trigger of a fine gun

The William Powell Princeps

What I love about the British gun trade is that the next big thing can often be more than a hundred years old. Take...

The ‘New’ Purdey Sporter

James Purdey & Sons’ “new” Sporter is intended to address this shift in demand of buyers wanting “technology, not tradition.”