Rigby’s New Objet d’Art Collection

Photo courtesy of John Rigby & Co.

John Rigby & Co. has always possessed a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to style. Beginning in the flintlock era with its “pickled” Damascus barrels through to today’s iconic dipped-edge lockplates, Rigby guns look like no others. With the maker’s name engraved in Old English script and an iconic trademark of addorsed “Rs,” few gunmakers can claim to produce such artistic guns.

Now the London maker has unveiled its first objet d’art collection, a series of sumptuous, artisanal items clearly intended for display in the gunroom of the chap who has everything. Inspired by Rigby’s long history of gunmaking, the pieces are the work of some of Britain’s best engravers and goldsmiths and include enameled sterling-silver cufflinks featuring Rigby’s back-to-back “R” logo (shown) and silver tumblers with an enamel finish over an engine-turned pattern. The collection also features two hand-crafted pens—one inspired by the .500 Rigby Rising Bite double rifle and the other by the much-loved .275 rifle owned by the late Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Since 1775 Rigby has championed guns with instantly recognizable signature features prized by collectors with an aesthetic bent. This new collection can only add luster to the firm’s reputation.

For more information, visit http://johnrigbyandco.com.

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