Ugartechea Relaunches

Photo courtesy of Armas Ugartechea

Ugartechea is back! Aficionados of fine Spanish firearms may recall that in the September/October 2015 issue we announced that “Armas Ugartechea, founded in Eibar, Spain, in 1922, has ceased production.” 

Now comes the good news that Ugartechea has been acquired by a venture capitalist named Rafael A. Pinedo. The buzz is that he is investing huge sums to rebuild the company’s credibility. According to Pinedo: “Since our acquisition and reorganization . . . Ugartechea has undergone a process of evolution while steadfastly maintaining its commitment to upholding cherished traditions.”

In the US sportsmen often think of Ugartechea guns as having the features of traditional English shotguns but without the steep price tags. When company founder Igancio Ugartechea died, in 2019, the Spanish morning daily El Diario Vasco ran an obituary with a paragraph that read: “Ugartechea manufactures weapons inspired by designs and patents from British companies in London and Birmingham such as Holland & Holland and Westley Richards.”

Currently the company’s website shows 13 models of side-by-side shotguns, both sidelocks and boxlocks (including the Model 40EX shown here). Most are offered in a variety of gauges and barrel lengths, and prices are available on request.

The company also has two US distributors: New England Custom Gun Service, in Claremont, New Hampshire, and Harrison Sporting Arms, in Port Gibson, Mississippi.

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