Sky Dance of the Woodcock

Words on the Woodcock

Sky Dance of the Woodcock,
by Greg Hoch, is a marvel to read. Subtitled The Habits and Habitats of a Strange Little Bird, the book includes eight chapters, each a well-crafted, informative essay.

Tally Ho Dog Transport

Tally Ho Saddles Up

Operating out of Lake George, New York, Tally Ho has a fastidious approach to moving dogs between owners, trainers and the field.

Tom Beckbe’s Classic Camo Tensaw Jacket

For ’Fowlers

The following items are designed to help hunters remain comfortable in the field and provide more action while they’re out there.

This shooter has a hat, eye and ear protection, choke tubes and a ShotKam but perhaps could use a shooting vest and gloves.

A Shooter’s Wish List

Whether you’re coming up with your own list or trying to figure out what to buy for a fellow shooter, following are some useful items that most shotgunners would enjoy receiving.

Missing a golden opportunity at a goldeneye

Missed Me!

Missing a golden opportunity at a goldeneye.

US Helice Nationals

US Helice Nationals Held

More than 100 competitors enjoyed sun-splashed conditions during the United States Helice Association National Championship.