Invasion of the Hogs

Invasion of the Hogs

Feral hogs continue to expand their range—and as they do, bird hunters had better brace for the invasion and become part of the conversation about how to manage them.

Hunting Dogs - The Human Factor - Shooting Sportsman Magazine

The Human Factor in Dog Training

Ben O. Williams, author of Bird Dog, The Instinctive Training Method, preaches a more hands-off approach to training—letting dogs figure out things on their own.

GOING PLACES: Heritage 1865

Heritage 1865

There is an unspoken feeling of returning to the family farm that makes the experience of hunting at Heritage 1865 all the richer.


The Long & Short of It

Some grouse and woodcock hunters are concerned that they are being handicapped by using shorter barrels. They need not worry.

Cyril S. Adams

Cyril S. Adams

Shooting Sportsman asked several of his longtime friends to comment on the qualities that defined his character.

Purdey Sporter Sunglasses

Gear to Go

When it is “go time” again, gear that serves in the field, at the lodge or en route will be appreciated.

Indoor Drills

Indoor Drills

Six simple drills that can be practiced indoors with a minimal amount of equipment.

The Classic Sporting Art of Bob White

A Collection of Classics

His works show an uncanny ability to transport the viewer to stunningly beautiful places and to the heart of sport.