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The Ultimate Practice Shooting System | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

 You can’t become a better shooter without practice, but you can practice without the time and expense of a trip to the range. The Ultimate Practice Shooting System lets you “shoot” at moving targets and check gunfit without leaving your house, making it an ideal tool for these shut-in times—and for any times, really, because we can’t always get to the gun club as often as we’d like.

The Ultimate Practice Shooting System includes the LaserPro projector, which shines one or two dots (the latter arranged in a sort of following pair) that can be adjusted for speed and direction. You can shorten the shooting window, too, while setting the target angle and height with the adjustable tripod. Fiddling with the tripods lets you throw all kinds of targets, including incomers and outgoers on the ceiling. It also comes with a paper target that can be mounted on the wall and used to check gunfit as if it were a pattern plate.

The gauge-specific laser fits in the muzzle and can be adjusted and centered, although mine was perfectly on target out of the box. You “fire” the laser by means of a metal ring that wraps around your trigger finger. This completes a circuit, lighting the laser when you touch the trigger. You don’t need to actually cock the gun for each shot, although you can. Those with more sensitive trigger fingers than I, which is everybody, might feel a disconnect between the time the light fires and the time the trigger breaks, but that’s the only drawback I’ve found with this as a practice tool.

My very first shot with the system convinced me of its worth. I moved the gun ahead of the red dot angling across my office wall, touched the button to activate the green laser in the barrel, and saw the green dot fall off the line of the target. Letting the muzzle droop when I shoot at rising crossers is a mistake I already knew I made, but seeing it rendered starkly in red and green dots without distracting noise and recoil forced me to deal with it. In the next few minutes I made the correct move 20 or so times. I am confident that if I keep at this for several days, I’ll get the right move grooved in.

The basic Ultimate Practice Shooting System comes with one red or green gauge-specific laser, The LaserPro and a small tripod all in a plastic case. With the red laser, it sells for $479. Green lasers cost more.

Robert Louis also offers accessories, such as a Wobbler ($189) that you can add to the LaserPro to make targets drop and climb. There’s also a large wall banner depicting a trap/skeet field with a green, wooded background to help you imagine you’re at the gun club.

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