Fowl Goods

It’s the moment that waterfowlers wait for. The ducks have finished circling and are committed—their wings locked and feet down over the decoys. They...

Upland Pursuits | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Upland Pursuits

Upland hunters are adventurers. Instead of lying in wait for game, they set out in search of birds. These quests can range from short...

Merkel Has New Importer | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Merkel Has New Importer

German gunmaker Merkel has renewed its commitment to the US market with a new importer of its shotguns and rifles.

Heat-Related Illness | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Heat-Related Illness

During the summer, one way to avoid heat-related illness is to train in more-open areas, so that there is air circulation. Even a slight breeze will help dogs cool down.

A Sharp New Knifemaker: Salient Knives | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

A Sharp New Knifemaker

British artisanal knifemaker Salient Knives is introducing into the US a collection of knives designed for the hunting, shooting and outdoor markets.