Land-Lease Conundrum | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

The Land-Lease Conundrum

What happened to me has probably happened to you, especially if you also live east of the Mississippi.

Garmin Releases Alpha 10 | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Garmin Releases Alpha 10

Garmin has developed the Alpha 10, the smallest and lightest dog-tracking handheld unit on the market.

I Get Questions | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

I Get Questions

When it comes to shotshells, some of the areas of greatest confusion involve pressures, inertia and shotstringing.

Snow Roost | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Snow Roost

A sneak peek from a snow-roosting prairie chicken.

Wingshooting in Africa | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Wingshooting in Africa

South Africa offers a variety of wingshooting challenges, from hunting over pointing dogs to driven guinea fowl to pass-shooting pigeons (shown here).