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Eldridge Hardie 1940 - 2021

Eldridge Hardie, one of the preeminent sporting artists of our time and a man of great humanity, integrity and a steely but lightly worn resolve, passed away August 11 following a heart attack.

Developing a Trailing Dog

Developing a Trailing Dog

Trailing is something that a dog wants to do instinctively, and it is a valuable ability when trying to recover a bird that has been hit but has run off.

Shot Talk

Common-Sense Waterfowling

Common-sense waterfowlers shoot modest-velocity loads, which have
just as much lethality and usually better patterns than high-velocity loads.

Seasonal Selections | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Seasonal Selections

The following selections may help put more birds on your game strap this season.

Young Guns | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Young Guns

If a child is strong enough to control a shotgun and mature enough to understand instruction and safety, then he or she is ready to begin shooting.

Tom Beckbe

Tom Beckbe Opens Flagship Store

The new store occupies 1,300 square feet and includes a cocktail bar and a glass-encased “Workshop,” where brass plates are custom engraved for outerwear, bags and accessories and where the staff can produce made-to-measure hunting vests.