Negrini gun case

Spring Breaking

As winter comes to an end, you can almost hear a collective, “Ahhhh,” as shooters step outside, fill their lungs with fresh air and...

Issues & Answers | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Shot Talk: Issues & Answers

It’s time again for my annual sharing of letters with issues and answers of broad interest to SSM readers. Following is a sample of...

‘Stay-Away’ Gear

When you travel to hunt, the places you stay can run the gamut. From remote camps to fancy lodges, accommodations and amenities can range...

Gallyon Gun & Rifle Makers | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Gallyon Gun & Rifle Makers

Photographs by Simon Buck It was July in Norfolk, and Mark Fitzer stood in a sun-bleached field of wheat and pointed to a clump...

Bourbon & Bobwhites

Although bourbon is presently distilled in just about every state in America, the one most strongly associated with the corn-based whiskey is Kentucky.

A Lodge Owner’s Life | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

A Lodge Owner’s Life

A lot of hunters think that owning a wingshooting lodge would be a dream job. After all, who wouldn’t want to go hunting every...

It's All About the Eyes | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

It's All About the Eyes

When working on marking drills with a young or inexperienced dog, train in light cover, use bumpers that stand out against the background, and have your assistant wear white.