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The Tale of a Dog

Appalachian Grouse Dog: A Boomer’s Memoir is in fact three memoirs written by three people about one animal: a Ryman-bred English setter whelped in 1993 named Cokesbury’s Commander.

Maynard Reece

Maynard Reece 1920-2020

Maynard Reece, the beloved artist hailed as the “King of the Federal Duck Stamp,” passed away in Des Moines, Iowa, where he’d lived since 1938.

Duel on Tabernacle Mountain

A Tale of Two Warriors

Over the course of three seasons, on a Brigadoon-like highland deep in the Appalachians, dog and bird thrust and parry, matching wits and nerves and senses, each made better by the other.

Candlewood Kennels

Candlewood Kennels

For almost 60 years some of the finest Labrador retrievers in the world—national champions, hall-of-famers, sires and dams that have made incalculable contributions to the breed—have come from Mary Howley’s Candlewood Kennels.

Prairie Rhymes

Prairie Rhymes

His name was Timothy Murphy, he made his home in Fargo, and his poetry, if you’ve not had the pleasure, will hit you where you live.