painting of hunters with dog Gary Palmer

The Price of Asking

The art of getting permission to hunt The house, a ranch-style affair with a commanding view of the surrounding countryside, gave the impression of...


Mixed Results

There is a certain satisfaction to reaching into your bird vest at the end of a long day and pulling out a variety of species.

This Season's Shotguns

This year's crop of new shotguns has a lot to offer upland hunters, waterfowlers and target shooters. See the line up for 2023.

Brays Island A Sporting Oasis

A Sporting Oasis

Brays Island's culture of conservation nurtures the habitat while fostering community and an abundance of outdoor recreation for its residents.

men shooting at birds

A Driven-Shooting Primer

Some pointers for Guns bound for Britain Meanbh-chuileag is the Gaelic name for a flying insect that has the fastest wingbeats of any in...

men hunting

The Magic of Driven Shooting

Driven days at Scotland’s Craigsanquhar Estate To my left, in the dwindling light, my friend Andrew Pierce stood with his heels almost touching Scotland’s...

geese flying around

Geese in Passing

Late-season goose hunting is special. Not only is it the final bird season to close where I live, but I also have a long...

People walking along a ridge

Wild Birds, Wild Places

I checked my brush-battered smartwatch. The pedometer read 14,673 steps, 7.5 miles and the equivalent of 80 stories of elevation. It’s an older model,...