hunter shooting

‘Grand Slam’ Gunning

Doves, ducks, pigeons and perdiz in Argentina It was in the late 1970s that travel for wingshooting outside North America first became popular. Among...

muck pond

One Last Hunt at Muck Pond

Closing a chapter of a friendship “Plum pudding?” I offered. “What?” “Plum pudding. Left over from the party. Here.” I passed the paper plate...

Westley richards

Westley’s New Over/Under

A best British over/under built to work under pressure While many sportsmen continue to appreciate and use side-by-side shotguns, the majority of guns seen...

Desert Bounty

Gambel’s & scaled quail in our Southwestern sands As dawn spilled over the crest of Arizona’s Pinaleño Mountains, I understood why modern artists from...

Hunting For Habitat

Celebrating conservation on the Montana prairie Even here, on the sunny south-facing hillside, a good amount of last night’s snow remains on top of...


Up Front with Fausti

An interview with Fausti Arms President Giovanna Fausti These days you can’t have a conversation about Italian gunmakers without mentioning Fausti Arms. Notable for...

painting of hunters

Grouse Guns of the Old Guard

Lessons from wingshooting’s legendary scribes Bird hunters can be a finicky bunch, but grouse hunters are idiosyncratic on another level. Take, for example, the...


New Basque Bests

Visiting Spain’s Arrieta & Arrizabalaga factory I probably spend more time thinking about fine shotguns than is healthy. London’s best side-by-sides and Italy’s luxury...


Black-Dirt Bobwhites

Mr. Jimmy is solidly and happily present, looking out over a field of prairie grass and into the promise of more birds, more points and flushes, and memories not yet made. “Let’s go,” he says.

painting of hunters with dog Gary Palmer

The Price of Asking

The art of getting permission to hunt The house, a ranch-style affair with a commanding view of the surrounding countryside, gave the impression of...


Mixed Results

There is a certain satisfaction to reaching into your bird vest at the end of a long day and pulling out a variety of species.

This Season's Shotguns

This year's crop of new shotguns has a lot to offer upland hunters, waterfowlers and target shooters. See the line up for 2023.