men on a hunt

Armed Forces Afield

I sat up in my layout blind in an Arkansas mud field amidst a thousand snow goose decoys. Ray Penny, the CEO of G&H...

Wildlife on Working Lands

The central thesis of game management is this: Game can be restored by the creative use of the same tools which have heretofore destroyed...

Birds, Bees & Butterflies | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Birds, Bees & Butterflies

Old food plots can be turned into pollinator, or “bugging,” plots by seeding them with native wildflowers.

Invasion of the Hogs

Invasion of the Hogs

Feral hogs continue to expand their range—and as they do, bird hunters had better brace for the invasion and become part of the conversation about how to manage them.

Greater prairie chicken

Playing Chicken

Preventing prairie chickens from going the way of passenger pigeons

Snowed Under

Snowed Under

The original goals of the Light Goose Conservation Order were to reduce the mid-continental population of light geese by 50 percent. Results have been mixed.