RE Ranger’s New RIACT A.I. Lenses

Photograph courtesy of RE Ranger

For some, the thought of artificial intelligence (AI) conjures visions of machines taking over the world. (Just ask anyone who has seen the Terminator movies.) But in many cases it can be used for good. Witness the recent use of AI by RE Ranger in creating its new RIACT A.I. performance eyewear.

According to the company, artificial intelligence enabled it to test and optimize 1 billion lens variations in developing lenses that allow shooters to “see faster, see further, and see with precision in all lighting conditions.” According to professional shooter and RE Ranger Pro Staff Ambassador Will Fennell, “Before RIACT A.I. you could increase contrast at the expense of visual acuity or you could increase visual acuity at the expense of contrast. But with the all-new RIACT A.I. lens technology, you can increase acuity and contrast together.”

RIACT A.I. lenses incorporate a number of technologies, including TruDepth, which offers enhanced depth perception by separating the target from the background; COLOR Boost, which infuses the lenses with precious metals in order to enhance target colors; IN Balance, which provides a more balanced and natural field of vision, to lessen eye fatigue; and VIZN Shift, which shifts lens brightness during low-light conditions, making it easier to see targets.

Lenses come in three colors: Bright Light (for bright and sunny conditions), Mid-Light (which is the most balanced and adapts to sunny, partly sunny or overcast conditions) and Low Light (for low-light, low-contrast conditions). They are available individually to fit the company’s Classic ($229 each), Edge ($229) or Falcon ($249) frames; as part of a Lens Kit ($600), which includes all three colors for the Classic, Edge or Falcon frames; or in a Frame Kit ($879), which comes with its own frame and all three colors of lenses.

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