September/October 2020

September/October 2020
A pair of McKay Brown over/unders, photographed by Terry Allen


Pine Hill’s Private Luxury

Quail hunting at the speed of life
by Miles DeMott

The Life & Times of David McKay Brown

Britain’s most successful independent gunmaker 
eyes retirement
by Vic Venters

Where the Wild Quail Are

Seeking adventure in the Arizona desert
by Tom Sternal

Early Warning Geese

Incoming specks in Saskatchewan
by Ralph P. Stuart

Pheasant College

A master class in outwitting roosters
by Dick Donnelly


From the Editor

Looking forward to a new season’s adventures


Poetic praise, cheers for the shorthair, wolf worries, etc.

The Opener

Capturing a memory in the woodcock woods

Game & Gun Gazette

William Powell, Gokey, Women on the Wing, the ultimate shooting brake and more


Gear Guide

Giving bedrolls the rest test
by Greg McReynolds


The first rule of shooting: “It has to fit to hit”
by Chris Batha

From the Bench

Repairing a rare Hoffman over/under
by Dewey Vicknair

Shot Talk

A wimp no more: today’s 28 gauge
by Tom Roster

Hunting Dogs

Flushing-dog trainer and Hall of Fame trialer Jerry Cacchio
by Reid Bryant


The invasive, sporting and tasty Eurasian collared dove
by Clair Kofoed

Gun Review

The Rizzini BR460 EL: a fine-looking—and -performing—clay breaker
by Bruce Buck

Field Gear

Fresh finds for the uplands
by The Editors

To the Point

Bemoaning a closed season on mourning doves
by Tom Huggler

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