Shooting Sportsman

Shooting Sportsman

Swayze Waters with his shorthair

Favorite-Gundog Results

This spring we held our latest photo contest, designed to document hunters’ love for their dogs. Here are the winners.

Shooting Sportsman Magazine, July/August 2020

July/August 2020

Perhaps we can use this time to prepare for the upcoming season—whether by practicing our shooting or making sure that clothing and gear are field ready.

Pine Hill Plantation

Pine Hill Plantation Trip

Shooting Sportsman’s Readers and Writers Adventures will be kicking off the year 2021 with a visit to reader favorite Pine Hill Plantation, in Donalsonville, Georgia, from February 18 to 22.

May/June 2020

May/June 2020

Our annual “Hunting Dogs Issue” is an ode to shorthairs as well as all of the other gundogs that run our lives. We hope you enjoy it with a four-footed friend.