May/June 2009


W.R. Pape

The father of choke boring & a shameless self-promoter

By: Douglas Tate

A High-Arctic Adventure

Hunting ptarmigan and fishing for big brookies with High Arctic Adventures in northern Quebec.

By: Ralph P. Stuart

American Gold

American engraver Eric Gold is making his mark

By: Clair Kofoed

High & Low Blues

Searching the Montana wild for blue grouse

By: John Barsness

Snow Time!

In pursuit of snow and Ross’ geese in Saskatchewan

Photography by: Bill Buckley

The Backup Dog

When the second-stringer steps up

By: Tred Slough

Illustrations by: Peggy Watkins

Food for Thought

Feeding dogs for peak performance

By: Gary Hubbell

Doggone Good Gear

Reviewing a new anti-bark collar, a safety collar, an e-collar, a dietary supplement, a bird-launcher and a slick training vest.

By: Tom Huggler


From the Editor

Reaffirming our commitment to canines

By: Ralph P. Stuart

Photography by: Ralph P. Stuart


Yays & nays on skeet & clays, and another fan of female shooters

New Readers & Writers Adventures

Fourteen years ago an idea was born to bring together a few Shooting Sportsman writers with a few more Shooting Sportsmanreaders for a few days of bird hunting. Since then, through our Readers & Writers Adventures program, we’ve hosted hundreds of readers on dozens of exciting trips.

By: Ed Carroll

Game & Gun Gazette

Guerini USA Completes Custom Shop, Holloway & Naughton’s Ryder Cup Gun, A Class for Double-Gun ’Smiths, The Toy Box, A Hurculean Reference Work on Sauer, An ‘Experimental’ Beesley

Guerini Completes Custom Shop

This past February Guerini USA completed its Custom Shop and Service Center at its Cambridge, Maryland, headquarters, where it will offer a wide array of custom options for its popular Caesar Guerini line of Italian-made over/under shotguns.

By: Ed Carroll


See the line—follow the line

By: Michael McIntosh

Shot Talk

Innovative shotshells from Jay Menefee and Polywad

By: Tom Roster


Who cries for the heath hen?

By: J. Marc Pipas MD

Shot Talk

Performance-testing RST’s specialty shells

By: Tom Roster

Sporting Clays

Shooting your best with both eyes open

By: Chris Batha

Gun Review

Smitten with the sequel: the lovely & lively RBL-28

By: Bruce Buck


Demystifying British color case hardening, Part I

By: Vic Venters

Book Review

Ridley, Anisfield, Milner and McIntosh

By: Charles Fergus

Prairie King Wingshooting

James Brion, owner of Prairie King Wingshooting, owns and leases 70,000 private acres of this gorgeous Nebraska country and offers hunting for a variety of birds and big game. His primary passion, however, is the greater prairie chicken.

By: Scott Winston

The Major

Philly to Phoenix and then foiled by foibles

By: Galen Winter

Illustrations by: Loren Smith


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