March/April 2009


Going Once, Going Twice

Sitting in on James D. Julia's fall firearms auction

By: Charles Fergus

Griffin & Howe

Looking back--and ahead--at a legendary sporting retailer

By: Clair Kofoed

Frederick Beesley: A Patent Success

The man responsible for the best "best' design ever

By: Douglas Tate

Make Mine Mearns

Blue skies and beautiful birds in Arizona

By: Clair Kofoed

The Captains' Geese

Waterfowling in the path of Lewis & Clark

By: E. Donnall Thomas Jr.

Taking Her Along

Proper introductions to the upland life

By: Ted Nelson Lundrigan


From the Editor

Looking back, and then ahead into the new year

By: Ralph P. Stuart


Welcoming women, the importance of shotstrings and more

Clapton Guns Auctioned

If you were wondering how many people donned winter-weight tweeds and jetted off to London for Nick Holt’s December 11 fine-gun auction despite the economic freeze, I can assure you it was enough. A standing-room-only crowd was outnumbered by commission and telephone clients whose collective zeal heated bidding, with numerous lots exceeding their estimates.

By: Douglas Tate

Blixt & Co.

Lars Magnusson was in his element when I visited him at Lazy Triple Creek Ranch, in Idaho, in late 2007. A talented and energetic young man, Magnusson was fully engaged in the job for which he had trained.

By: Ed Carroll

Seeking the Damascus Rosetta Stone

After being consigned to the proverbial scrap heap of history for the better part of the 20th Century, Damascus is back in a big way. In England W.W. Greener is again making new “best” guns using vintage Damascus tubes to great acclaim.

By: Vic Venters

'Gunsmithing British Side by Side Shotguns'

Someone ought to make a detailed video showing double-gun disassembly and repair.” I’ve heard it said many times, and I’ve heard a few people say that it’s such a good idea that they were going to do it. Finally, someone actually has.

By: Steven Dodd Hughes

Guest Gun: A Bespoke Experience

I was nearing retirement, the major expenses in my life were taken care of, and my children were grown and gone. I started thinking about rewarding myself with a retirement gift. I’d watched my pennies and kept life simple, and that was worth a reward. No Corvette or cruise, nor even a safari to Africa; no big RV, no camp in the woods.

By: Lee A. Leone


Practice now or pay later

By: Michael McIntosh

Fine Gunmaking

Jim Greenwood, double-gun stocker.

By: Steven Dodd Hughes

Shot Talk

Performance-testing RST's specialty shotshells.

By: Tom Roster

Hunting Dogs

Expanding your training toolbox with Gary Wilkes.

By: George Hickox

Sporting Clays

Measuring for the gun that fits & hits.

By: Chris Batha

Gun Review

Fausti's Dea Round Body: a well-designed performer

By: Bruce Buck


The traditional artisinal gunmakers of Spain.

By: Vic Venters

Field Gear

Seeing, looking and shooting well on the range.

By: Tom Huggler

Book Review

Muderlak, Wieland, Reuter and Winter

By: Charles Fergus

The Major

Scotch & stream water as the elixir of life.

By: Galen Winter


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