July/August 2009


2009 Shotgun Lineup

The year's new-to-market smoothbores

By: Bruce Buck

A Song of the South

Old World elegance at Georgia's Pine Hill Plantation

By: Tred Slough

A 'Best' Gun for All Seasons

Holloway & Naughton reinvents the English over/under

By: Silvio Calabi

Wild with Doves

Of jaguars & doves in the Bolivian backcountry

By: Clair Kofoed

True North

Finding one's way with a Bible and compass

By: Dr. T.C. Jennings


The Guns of Game Fair

Fine doubles and more at Nashville's Game Fair, Ltd.

By: Terry Allen

From the Editor

On the loss of a conservation hero: Jim Range

By: Ralph P. Stuart


For the love of grouse, PWDs, eye dominance and more

Game & Gun Gazette

The CLA Game Fair, new Bean guns, Purdey Damascus, etc.

Gazette: L.L. Bean Adds New Doubles at Flagship Store

L.L. Bean is now offering the New Englander over/under by Caesar Guerini and the Double L side-by-side by Aya

By: Ed Carroll

Gazette: An Interesting Exchange Too Long for Letters

The following correspondence regarding two articles that appeared in our March/April issue were too lengthy for the Letters column but, we felt, too interesting (and, frankly, too juicy) to abbreviate.  —The Editors


Getting your mind in the game by getting agressive

By: Michael McIntosh

Fine Gunmaking

A beautiful & unusual 14-gauge percussion gun

By: Steven Dodd Hughes

Shot Talk

Challenging conventional wisdom on the 3" 20 gauge

By: Tom Roster

Hunting Dogs

Mistaken beliefs—no less wrong for being commonly held

By: George Hickox

Sporting Clays

Answering the age-old question: "How Much Lead?"

By: Chris Batha


Demystifying British color case hardening, Part II

By: Vic Venters

Field Gear

A new crop of promising products from SHOT

Book Review

Brister, Doherty and the Lamboys

By: Charles Fergus

Going Places

Chasing chukar in style at Colorado's Kessler Canyon

By: Bruce Buck

The Major

The wisdom of Yooper justice

By: Galen Winter


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