July/August 2021


’21 Guns Salute

Celebrating the year’s new smoothbores

By Phil Bourjaily

Gone for the Season

Pursuing the dream of a season well spent

By Garhart Stephenson

Meemo’s Memories

A sportsman’s paradise in Lower Michigan

By Tom Huggler

It’s a Little Like Golf

Public-land woodcock in North Carolina

By J.A. Dailey


From the Editor

Making proper preparations for the season


Safety issues, questioning the Boss, and Drilling regulations

The Opener

Puppy-paddling on a goldens pond

Game & Gun Gazette

Call of the Uplands, a new Longthorne over/under, Dalzell Gunstocks (from Trevallion) and more


Gear Guide

Putting brush pants to the puncture test
by Ralph Stuart

The Gun Rack

Taking to the range with Mossberg’s Gold Reserve
by Ralph Stuart


How to be first from the field on the dove opener
by Chris Batha

Shot Talk

Solving the shell-shortage mystery
by Tom Roster

Hunting Dogs

Withholding a paycheck for poor performance
by Charlie Jurney

Gun Review

Syren’s Julia Sporting: a stunning target taker for the distaff side
by Bruce Buck

Field Gear

A wealth of possibilities for game time
by The Editors

Going Places

Maine grouse and woodcock with Grey’s Outfitting
by Ralph Stuart

To the Point

Bird camps—the good, the bad and the ugly
by Tom Huggler

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