Dalzell Gunstocks (from Trevallion)

 After a storied career spanning almost 70 years, Purdey stockmaker David Trevallion (pictured above, right) has hung up his apron and closed Trevallion Gunstocks. David has “passed the chisel” to his “last and oldest apprentice,” Steve Dalzell (above, left). Steve has been working with David for more than a decade, recently spending every day for a year in David’s workshop. To date, some of Steve’s projects have included restocking muzzleloaders, hammerguns and Parker shotguns; customizing Ruger rifles; and restoring the barrels while restocking an early Purdey self-opener fitted with Boss ejectors. 

Born in England, Steve has a degree in naval architecture. He was a professor of naval architecture while designing for two prominent yacht builders. Most of the boats he designed were custom ocean-cruising sailboats built in wood-epoxy composite or aluminum. He designed power yachts such as the Al Noores, built for the Sultan of Oman. Moving to Maine serendipitously near Trevallion, Steve took up gunmaking.

According to David: “Given his engineering background, Steve has a keen knowledge of materials, curves and how to analyze an entire project before diving in. He knows the limits of computer-controlled machines and when and how to use traditional hand tools. Like all good gunmakers, Steve is always learning. Best of all, he is very careful.”

At press time Steve was restocking a rare Boss round-body self-opener and completely rebuilding its gold-turret single trigger, which had been “attacked by a bodger with a welder after his machine restock didn’t go as planned.” 

Steve has inherited David’s network of specialist gunmakers, barrelmakers, springmakers and engravers. Dalzell Gunstocks (from Trevallion) is taking commissions for all aspects of customization, overhaul, restoration and restocking of best guns and rifles. 

Anyone who can put a Boss single trigger right deserves consideration.

For more information, contact Dalzell Gunstocks (from Trevallion), 207-569-0017, stevedalzell@gmail.com.

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