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Candlewood Kennels

Candlewood Kennels

For almost 60 years some of the finest Labrador retrievers in the world—national champions, hall-of-famers, sires and dams that have made incalculable contributions to the breed—have come from Mary Howley’s Candlewood Kennels.



A social-media collective takes to the North Woods


A Mallard Lives in It

“What we are trying to do is make the best possible duck call. One that looks like a premium gunstock and sounds like it has a mallard living in it."


Grouse of a Feather

Which spot in the vast North Woods would give me an exemplary feel for both the hunting and the hunters? The answer came from Minnesota photographer Lee Kjos, who during a phone conversation mentioned Little Moran and its proprietor, Steve Grossman.

European Quail in Romania

Our friend Kiri Kythreotis of Athina Sporting stopped by our booth at the Safari Club International convention two weeks ago, and we enjoyed a...

Films from the Grouse Woods

The Project Upland series “ . . . captures the passions and traditions of the grouse woods to inspire a new generation of upland hunters,” as RGS puts it. This is good stuff — well worth watching. We can almost smell the North Woods in October . . .