Hunter(s) shooting at Common Eiders by GaryKramer.net, 530-934-3873, gkramer@cwo.com

In the Land of Kings

To Greenland for king eiders and more Among all the waterfowl in North America, drake king eiders are arguably the most beautiful—and for many...

man hunting

Happy-Place Huns

Everyone has a happy place. Mine is northwestern North Dakota the last week of October. That’s where you’ll find me chasing all things beautiful...

Webley & Scott’s New Side-by-Sides

Gunmaker Webley & Scott, based in the West Midlands, in the heart of England, has been making side-by-side shotguns with the winged-bullet trademark since...

It's All About the Eyes | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

It's All About the Eyes

When working on marking drills with a young or inexperienced dog, train in light cover, use bumpers that stand out against the background, and have your assistant wear white.

New Guns From Gallyon

What happens when a gunmaker founded in 1784 adopts the micron-precision standards governing the aerospace industry? One answer is Gallyon Gun & Rifle Makers’...