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The wide-open agrarian region of southeastern Alberta boasts some of the finest waterfowling on the planet. The endless grainfields and countless roosting ponds gracing the area result in one of the greatest concentrations of ducks and geese in the Central and Pacific flyways. Ameri-Cana Expeditions has a 30-plus year history of guiding hunters to the best the region has to offer. Guides scout and gain access to the hottest fields, and then, based on extensive experience, set decoys and blinds to produce big bags of Canadas, specklebellies, snows, blues and Ross’ geese as well as mallards and pintails. Hunters sleep and dine at Ameri-Cana’s 3,600-square-foot Battle River Lodge, where they enjoy clean, comfortable rooms; delicious home-cooked meals and a spacious lounge that is perfect for fireside cocktails after the hunt. Spectacular waterfowl hunting can be found in abundance in Western Canada, but reliable, full-service outfitters can often be hard to find. Ameri-Cana’s professionalism has earned it the reputation of being one of the top duck and goose operations in the North America.

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Ameri-Cana Expeditions
6007 104 St NW,
Edmonton, Alberta
Canada T6H 2K6




  • Bird season: September 1 to mid-October
  • Species: Grey Geese (Canada, Specklebellies), White Geese (Snow, Blue, Ross’), Ducks (Mallards, Pintails)
  • Bag limit: 8 grey geese, 50 white geese, 8 ducks
  • Hunting parties: 1-10

Lodge & Logistics

  • 8 bedrooms and 10 beds
  • All rooms have private baths
  • Closest commercial airport: Edmonton, AB
  • Closest private airport: 3000 ft. private airstrip (paved and lit)
  • Airport shuttle can be arranged

Amenities & Services

  • Rental guns
  • License processing
  • Ammunition


Guided hunting

Single-occupancy lodging


Airport Pick-up



Three-day/three-night package:

Approx. $2,950 + 5% tax and license

Ameri-Cana is truly a first rate operation. The guides do all the necessary work to ensure that we always have an excellent waterfowl shooting, and the lodge is extremely well run, including private rooms and food that is both plentiful and practically gourmet in quality. And the owners are wonderful people who are always present to make sure that the needs of their guests are met. These are among the reasons I'll be making my 16 visit there this year!

- Frank Baratti, California

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