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What happens when a gunmaker founded in 1784 adopts the micron-precision standards governing the aerospace industry? One answer is Gallyon Gun & Rifle Makers’ new shotguns. As bespoke British shotguns become increasingly out of reach for the average enthusiast, entrepreneurs are looking at ways to deliver serviceable arms at more affordable prices while retaining the look and feel associated with craft-built firearms. Gallyon is in the forefront in this regard.

With more game shooters choosing over/unders over side-by-sides, Gallyon’s two new O/Us perfectly reflect demand. The Holkham has a triggerplate action and sideplates richly engraved with Gallyon’s house style of scrolling vines. The Cambridge has a scalloped-back action clearly intended to emphasize the simple elegance of its lines.

Photo courtesy of Gallyon Gun & Rifle Makers

The unadorned Cambridge Plain Action is available in 12 bore starting at £18,950 ($22,200), and there is an engraved model that starts at £23,950 ($28,050). The 12-bore Holkham starts at £28,950 ($33,900), with a deluxe upgrade fully hand engraved to the Gallyon design and with exhibition wood starting at £39,950 ($46,750). Bespoke engraving is available as a special order.

Jonathan Young, former editor of The Field who now is in charge of Gallyon’s marketing, said that he “joined the team last year because they were intent on building the ‘unicorn’ gun that has eluded the Brits for over 50 years: British designed and made—with every part made by the company, including barrel tubes—wholly British owned; precision engineered, with the best available materials and to the highest possible engineering standards; designed and rigorously tested for ease of use, performance and maximum reliability in the field; possessing the lines and liveliness long associated with English guns incorporating the heritage and finish of traditional English guns; and finally, but not least, at a price that’s accessible for ordinary, keen shooting men and women.”

Gallyon is clearly finding a harmony between the worlds of Space Age technology and craftsmanship that feels extremely compelling.

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