Hunting Traps


What to do—and not to do—if your dog gets caught in a trap.


KAMO’s Missions for Good

Last year K-9 Adoption and Mentoring Outdoors—KAMO, by its catchy acronym—was founded by lifelong sportsman Trent Leichleiter for the dual purpose of adopting out dogs from the sporting industry and introducing more people to outdoor pursuits like hunting, fishing and shooting.

Swayze Waters with his shorthair

Favorite-Gundog Results

This spring we held our latest photo contest, designed to document hunters’ love for their dogs. Here are the winners.

Senior Success

Senior Success

A unique perspective on the challenges—and rewards—of hunting with a “senior” partner.

Go Away!

Go Away!

Teaching your dog to “Go Away”

Elhew’s End

In Martha’s words, “It was a great honor to be part of carrying on the Elhew tradition. After Brian’s passing, I felt it was my responsibility to end Elhew Kennels properly and retire the Elhew prefix. I know in my heart that this is what Bob and Brian would want.”

Dog of the Year 2018 Contest

Dog of the Year

Nominate your faithful, four-legged hunting companion for 2018 Dog of the Year

Browning Full Coverage Dog Saftey Vest

Dog Stuff

The following items can help you be proactive in taking care of your dog and ensuring against disasters—large and small—in the field and at home.