Earning a Paycheck | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Earning a Paycheck

Think of your dog as an employee. If it performs its job well in the field, then it deserves a paycheck. If it exhibits bad behavior, then the paycheck should be withheld until performance improves.

Puppy-Paddling | Shooting Sportsman Magazine


As a photographer, I have been privileged to introduce puppies to many “firsts”: first retrieves, first birds, decoys . . . and water. This...

Canine Acuity | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Canine Acuity

Anyone who has owned bird dogs knows the road to understanding their behavior runs both ways: We learn as much as we teach—and sometimes a lot more.

Puppy Socialization | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Puppy Socialization

The early days with a puppy are fun but fragile. Proper socialization is central to developing a successful bird dog and includes exposing the pup to new environments and canine social groups.

Dogged Pursuits

Investing in proper gear will pay off and these training tools are worth considering.

A Test of Training | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

A Test of Training

Training is everything and so is breed. Chester, a Wirehaired Pointing Griffon displays control and poise.