Nutrition and Hypothermia

Preparing our dogs for winter conditions is important, and nutrition plays a larger role than many hunters realize. [Sponsored Content]

Developing a Trailing Dog

Developing a Trailing Dog

Trailing is something that a dog wants to do instinctively, and it is a valuable ability when trying to recover a bird that has been hit but has run off.

The Tale of a Dog | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

The Tale of a Dog

Appalachian Grouse Dog: A Boomer’s Memoir is in fact three memoirs written by three people about one animal: a Ryman-bred English setter whelped in 1993 named Cokesbury’s Commander.

Earning a Paycheck | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Earning a Paycheck

Think of your dog as an employee. If it performs its job well in the field, then it deserves a paycheck. If it exhibits bad behavior, then the paycheck should be withheld until performance improves.