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Tally Ho Dog Transport
Courtesy of Tally Ho Dog Transport.

By Tom Sternal

A few years ago Andrew Jones faced a dilemma and saw an opportunity. He adopted a hunting dog from Southwind Plantation, in Georgia, but he knew that getting the English cocker to his home 30 minutes outside of New York City would be challenging. Instead of wanting to embark on a 36-hour roundtrip drive or deal with airlines, he began searching for a dog-transport service. “I finally found a provider,” he said, “but there were things that I thought could be improved upon, primarily in the safety of transport. And in the heat of that moment Tally Ho Dog Transport was born.

Operating out of Lake George, New York, Tally Ho has a fastidious approach to moving dogs between owners, trainers and the field. The company operates a small fleet of custom-built, proprietary Ford Transit Aerocell vans designed to fit up to 15 Gunner Kennels and boasting fully integrated HVAC systems. Two drivers, carefully vetted and trained, embark on each trip, stopping to walk each dog at least four times per day and offering multiple feedings and water at all times.

The cost for Tally Ho’s top-of-the line service is from $.45 to $.55 per mile (depending on the size of the dog), with owners paying only for the portion that their dogs are in the van. According to Jones: “I started bird hunting pretty early in life, and the best part to me has always been watching the dogs work. Now, getting to work with the dogs and owners is really exciting. What separates Tally Ho from alternative modes of transport is that we don’t make any compromises when it comes to the safety and comfort of the dogs.”

For more information, visit tallyhotransport.com.

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