Shoot Like a King!

Shooting driven red-legged partridge is, without a doubt, some of the world’s most exciting and challenging wingshooting, and it is a favorite sport of...

Upland hunting fall 2019 Grouse Pheasant

Season of Giving

As the gift-giving season approaches, you are sure to ask—or be asked—“So what’s on your holiday wish list this year?” This can be a...


Destination: Doves

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic, and in the following months life as we knew it changed dramatically....

Man hunting a bird

Assumptions That Can Bite

The longer I’ve worked with and written for shotgunners (40-plus years now), the more I’ve come to realize that a large number of them...

The Game Fair

The English Game Fair is the ultimate celebration of country sports, and this year’s event had more than 120,000 visitors attend during each of its three days.

A New Shotgunning Guide | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

A New Shotgunning Guide

If you are going to get one book on how to shoot sporting clays, Straight Shooting, by Anthony Matarese Jr. with Kerry Luft, is...

Tips for Senior Shots

The most important aspect of shooting and hunting is safety, and older hunters can minimize risks by not only exercising but also choosing appropriate equipment, cover and terrain.

Fine-tuning the Fundamentals | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Fine-tuning the Fundamentals

With hunting season fast approaching, it’s worth taking a fresh look at the role that the eyes, hands, feet and gun mount play in shooting.

Wingshooting in Africa | Shooting Sportsman Magazine

Wingshooting in Africa

South Africa offers a variety of wingshooting challenges, from hunting over pointing dogs to driven guinea fowl to pass-shooting pigeons (shown here).