Fit to Hit

The easiest and most accurate gunfittings are given to good shots who have mastered the fundamentals of “shooting straight,” including having a proper grip.

Skeet Skills

Sharpening Skeet Skills

It’s hard to believe that a clay-shooting game that is now enjoyed around the world and has achieved the high bar of any sport—a place at the Olympic Games—was invented by a couple of grouse hunters in Massachusetts.

A Question of Chokes

A Question of Chokes

Whenever I give clays competitors lessons, it’s guaranteed that they will have questions about chokes and cartridges. There seems to be a widely held belief that there is a magic formula—some combination of the two—that can fix gaps in their skills and guarantee a step up in class or even help win tournaments.


Making Sense of Choke

After considering which gauge and load to fire on any given day, the biggest decision left is always what choke(s) to use.

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Asked & Answered

Each year I devote a column to letters from readers addressing topics of general interest to the broader audience of shotgunners. Here is a selection.