Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge Program

Endorsed LodgesChoosing your next hunting destination just got a lot easier, thanks to the Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge Program. For more than 30 years Shooting Sportsman has been the most trusted authority in the wingshooting world. During that time the magazine has not only visited, evaluated and written about the country’s top bird hunting venues but also answered countless questions from hunters looking for honest advice on where to shoot. Recognizing the need for a dependable, efficient way to connect traveling wingshooters with top-notch destinations, it made perfect sense to create the Endorsed Lodge Program.

The effort is a collaboration with destinations known for providing first-class experiences. According to Shooting Sportsman Editor-in-Chief Ralph Stuart: “Our editors, writers, photographers and readers have been visiting these lodges for years, so the venues have been vetted in terms of the quality of hunting, accommodations, food and service that they offer. All of these venues have proven records for providing outstanding hunts, and we are proud to be associated with them.”

SSM’s Director of Wingshooting, Terry Bombeke, believes that the Endorsed Lodge Program will be a great trip-planning resource. “Anyone can go to the Endorsed Lodge page on our website and evaluate venues based on an entire range of criteria, including species hunted, bag limits, lodging, amenities and so on. And they can do it with full confidence that the lodge they ultimately select meets the highest standards.”

The Shooting Sportsman Endorsed Lodge Program lets you book trips knowing that your choices are backed by the foremost experts in the wingshooting field. And who can put a price on peace of mind?

We invite you to view Shooting Sportsman’s 2020 Endorsed Lodges by visiting

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