September/October 2012


Prairie Double

Finding a gun for hunting the wide open

By: Richard Grozik

In This Season of Snakes

Quail hunting at Georgia’s Red Pebble Plantation

By: Roger Pinckney

Another Perfect Day

In pursuit of sharptails & ruffed grouse in Alaska

The Prodigal Defourny

Reuniting a pair of Belgian boxlocks

By: Robert M. Poole

Best of the Vests

Evaluating over-the-shoulder birdholders

By: David Draper

The Marsh Hens of Chincoteague

Turning the tides on clapper rails

Going Gray

Chasing Huns across the Western prairie

By: Dale Spartas

Turkeys on the Wing

Hunting birds that go down with a THUD!

By: Michael Pearce

Beaver Tale

An explosive battle with a beaver

By: Bob McDill


From the Editor

A pair of books that could change the face of shooting

By: Ralph P. Stuart


Vintage guns, pointer performance and words of praise

Game & Gun Gazette

Beretta’a DT-11, the Monkey Loader, book reviews and more


Fine Gunmaking

Part 3 on triggerplate guns: the MacNaughton round-action

By: Steven Dodd Hughes


Straight ways of dealing with cross-dominance

By: Chris Batha

Shot Talk

The proper way to report ammo problems

By: Tom Roster

Hunting Dogs

Chatting with Chad Hines of Willow Creek Kennels

By: George Hickox

Gun Craft

The intercepting safety sear as it relates to sidelocks

By: Vic Venters

Gun Review

The Franchi Instinct L & SL: value-priced performers

By: Bruce Buck

Readers’ Guns

The Dragon Gun as a tribute to Chinese culture

By: Douglas Tate

To the Point

In celebration of sharptails

By: Tom Huggler


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