May/June 2006


The House of Krieghoff

Of family ties & a venerable German name

By: Clair Kofoed

Jacks of All Trades

An all-around look at versatile breeds

By: Chad Mason

Another Way to Look At It

Some amateur dog-training advice

By: Tred Slough

Tricking Out for Travel

Transporting dogs in Comfort

By: Tom Huggler

Woodcock Moon
[Photoshoot] October in New England. The woodcock moon is waxing. Cold nights up north have coaxed the migrants south-where they are welcomed by hunters and dogs alike. The cover is thick but the dogs steady. Buying precious seconds before the birds lose their nerve. And when the birds do flush, it's

Photography by: Nancy Whitehead

Honkers, Huns, & More

Mixed-bag hunting in Southern Saskatchewan

By: Gary Kramer

Kiss of the Black Widow

The morbid truth about 'funeral guns'

By: Douglas Tate

Alite E-collars

Reviewing the top-shelf electronic systems

By: George Hickox


From the Editor

First impressions mean a lot. As I mentioned in my March/April article "Into the Blue(s)," this past fall I met dog trainer John Luttrell on a blue grouse hunt in Colorado. John is the co-owner of Oak Tree Kennels (, in Clark, South Dakota, and he and his assistant

By: Ralph P. Stuart


Paper, Not Plastic Your desire to conserve our natural resources (From the Editor, March/April) is laudable, except when we're talking paper. A major tree species in the papermaking process is aspen, and young, vigorous aspen stands are, as you know, a favorite hangout of ruffed grouse and woodcock.

What's Next for Winchester

The guns that won the West have died in the East-at least for now. At press time, Belgium-based Herstal Group planned to close the US Repeating Arms Co. (USRAC) factory in New Haven, Connecticut. Herstal owns USRAC, Browning and Belgium's Fabrique Nationale (FN). The company operates firearms manufacturing

By: Chad Mason

Wingshooting News

New Festival for a Familiar Venue

By: Ed Carroll

Field Test

More Birds in the Vest

By: Lon E. Lauber

Guest Gun

In 1988 I was involved in a duck hunting accident, wherein a shotgun exploded, taking off the ends of two fingers of my left hand. Prior to the trip, I had made an error in sorting shells at home and unknowingly put a 20-gauge shell (a rare red 20-gauge shell, in case mentioning that makes me appear

By: Jim McLennan

Books & Videos

27th Blue Book Due This Spring

By: Ed Carroll

Fine Guns

A Gold Medal Bronzed

By: Douglas Tate

Fine Gunmaking

Metal Finishes for Fine Guns, Part I

By: Steven Dodd Hughes


Proof in the Pudding

By: Michael McIntosh

Shot Talk

28-Gauge Choke Tubes & 16-Gauge Issues

By: Tom Roster

Gun Review

Browning Citori Superlight Feather

By: Bruce Buck

Book Review

From Texas to the .410

By: Charles Fergus


Vice-President Dick Cheney's role in that unfortunate wingshooting accident in February highlighted both valid safety issues and the astounding misconceptions about shotgunning held by the general public and many in the news media. Among the facts largely swept aside in the reams of reports on the incident:

By: Ed Carroll

The Major

October Song

By: Galen Winter

Going Places

Santa Fe Trail Hunts

By: Thierry Bombeke


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