September/October 2005


A Good Day in the Bald Eagle Valley

Of good-enough guns and hunting like the old days

By: Charles Fergus

Wild Wing Bobwhites

Kentucky quail with a difference

By: Larry Brown

The Best Finish Last

New 'best' guns from English finisher/gunmaker D.H. Sinnerton

By: Vic Venters

Highland Adventure
[Photoshoot] In north-central Oregon, where Conestoga wagons once traversed arid, inhospitable terrain, a warm welcome now awaits wingshooters at Highland Hills Ranch. Host-owners Dennis and Sandy Macnab have created an oasis of cultivated meadows and wilderness canyons abundant with game. Bird hunting

Photography by: Hakan Stenlund

Driven Days with the Royal Habsburgs

To the Czech Republic, Slovakia & Hungary for classic driven pheasants

By: Gary Kramer

My Blue(bill) Heaven

Divers & geese in central Alberta

By: Chad Mason

The Pump

America's shotguns & history repeating

By: John M. Taylor

Pheasants on the Fringe

Wild cacklers at the edge of the world

By: Tom Reed

Downsizing to Suit

A Galazan M-21 .410 scaled to size

By: Maj. Gen. James McCoskey


From the Editor

I'm a bit bleary-eyed as I write this, and my hands and legs are scratched and swollen. My house is in complete disarray, and I know it will be some time before any semblance of order returns to my life. Funny thing is, I couldn't be happier, because the cause of this upset is the most recent addition

By: Ralph P. Stuart


Quail Conservation Thank you for the kind words about the quail plantations and Tall Timbers in your "From the Editor" column (July/August). I greatly appreciate your thoughts and good wishes. More important, though, thanks again for supporting quail conservation efforts through Vic Venters' articles

Guest Gun

Keeping Good Company

By: Jim McLennan

Fine Guns Raise Funds at GMC X

The 10th Gold Medal Concours d'Elegance of Fine Guns, proudly presented by the NRA, will take place at The Vintage Cup at Orvis Sandanona on September 24. Along with a considerable array of high-interest, collectible or historic guns to be publicly displayed and judged, the Concours has added a new benefit:

By: Silvio Calabi

Field Test

"Shotgun-Insight": Patterning made easier-and smarter

By: Bruce Buck

Wingshooting News

Here Be Dragons

By: Douglas Tate

Vintage Cup 2005
[img 1 right caption=For double-gun fans, the Vintage Cup is the place to shop the wares of the finest gunmakers and retailers in the country.]It's a small thing, really, The Vintage Cup. And, no, not the engraved trophy cup, but the whole event-the 31/2 days of fun and (hopefully) sun every September

By: Ed Carroll

Fine Gunmaking

Evolution of the Sidelock, Part IV

By: Steven Dodd Hughes



By: Michael McIntosh

Shot Talk

Steel Shot for Clays

By: Tom Roster

Hunting Dogs

Knowing Your Dog

By: George Hickox

Gun Review

Kimber Valier

By: Bruce Buck

Field Gear

Canine Considerations

By: Tom Huggler

Book Review

Short Reports

By: Charles Fergus


The twisting tale of the modern era of Ithaca Gun Co. may be entering its final chapter-and it looks to be one in which investors seek the protection of bankruptcy court. In late June news began trickling out among shotgunners on the Internet and through local New York media that Ithaca's phones and

By: Ed Carroll

The Major

Read the Warning Signs

By: Galen Winter


Sage Grouse Blues

By: Tom Reed

Going Places

Leen's Lodge

By: Richard Raymond


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