It’s dog-training season for bird hunters across the country—meaning it’s time to take inventory of what gear is and isn’t working. For some the result will mean replacing chewed-up dummies and frayed check cords; others will need to buy new electronic collars and bird launchers. Thankfully there is a one-stop shop for all of your dog-training needs.

SportDOG is best known for its great line of e-collars and tracking devices, but the company also offers a selection of training tools for everyone from first-timers to experienced handlers. All of the hardware needed for training is gathered on the company’s website and can be purchased directly.


An example of SportDOG’s quality offerings is its 30-foot tangle-free check cord, which provides a little extra length for handling but not so much that it becomes cumbersome. Also available are plastic and canvas dummies, scents, a nice selection of Roy Gonia whistles, and lanyards for whistles and transmitters.

The SportDOG Brand Launcher System is a must for training pointers and flushers using pen-raised birds. It is waterproof and expandable, can be adapted to many other manufacturers’ launchers, and has a half-mile range. Duck, pheasant and shotgun-report sounds are programmed as tools to help train for steadiness, work on blind retrieves or have a gun report after launching the bird.

For the yard, SportDOG provides in-ground fencing products and bark collars, helping keep your dogs safely contained and your neighbors happy.

For more information on SportDOG products—as well as a library full of hunting and training articles—visit

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