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The annual rollout of the 2021-’22 Shooting Sportsman Readers & Writers Adventures hunts has begun, and questions about how the trips work have been flooding in. Accordingly, we felt that it would be appropriate to repost a list of FAQs.

Can I attend a Shooting Sportsman hunt by myself?

Certainly. Although hunting partners are welcome to attend together, our trips offer a warm, friendly atmosphere that makes single hunters feel welcome and 100% comfortable.

Will I be hunting with a large or small group?

We feel that a large group in the lodge provides a wonderful social component, but in the field it’s a different story. Our groups break into small parties when it’s time to hunt.

Are rooms single or double occupancy?

Most of our hunts are based on single occupancy. With advance notice, it sometimes is possible to arrange for single occupancy at double-occupancy lodges.

What kinds of guns are used?

Our guests mostly shoot double guns of various grades and pedigrees. Some guests bring high-grade custom guns; others bring lower-priced guns that they shoot well. Of course, many of the lodges offer rental or loaner guns as well.

How do I get to the lodge from the airport?

Although some guests like to rent vehicles at the airport, most take advantage of the free shuttle services offered by the lodges.

I am a decent shot but certainly no expert. Is that OK?

Of course. Our hunts are not shooting contests. The only requirements of guests are that they are safe with firearms and good sports in the field.

How does a Shooting Sportsman hunt differ from a regular hunt?

A Shooting Sportsman hunt is just about the same experience you would expect at a great lodge: outstanding guides, dogs and birds and excellent food, accommodations and service. From what our guests tell us, the only difference is that getting together with a group of new, like-minded friends makes our hunts more fun! (We’d like to think that the magazine’s hosts add an enjoyable element as well.)

Do I pay more to go on a Shooting Sportsman hunt than I would if going to the lodge on my own?

We aim to offer prices that are about the same as the lodges’. Sometimes our hunts might be priced higher, but this only would be because our hunt included ammunition, extra birds or other things that would not be included in the lodge’s standard price.

How do I inquire about going on a hunt?

The best thing to do is contact our program director, Terry Bombeke. He can provide details about the hunts, advise on openings and put you on a list to receive updates on the status of each event. He can be contacted at or 207-594-9544, ext. 478. Information also is available on our website.

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