New Duck Stamp Available

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 7.10.35 PMThe 2015-’16 Federal Duck Stamp—the first at the new price of $25—is now on sale. Also known as the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp, the stamp features a pair of ruddy ducks originally painted in acrylic by artist Jennifer Miller of Olean, New York.

The $10 increase in the price of the stamp is the first increase since 1991. As Ducks Unlimited CEO Dale Hall points out in support of the increase, the price of the stamp was at its lowest value since it was established in 1934 at $1, and the habitat conservation made possible by the funds generated had eroded.

“That is why Ducks Unlimited and our devoted volunteers, led by Paul and Skipper Dickson of Louisiana along with our good friends Congressman John Fleming and Senator David Vitter, worked so hard to secure an increase in the price of the duck stamp from $15 to $25, with the $10 increase committed to the purchase of conservation easements on private lands,” Hall writes. “This allows the land to stay in private hands while still providing conservation benefits to the American people.

“This accomplishment speaks to the power of dedicated volunteers, the passion that drives us, and our desire to leave a legacy of abundant natural resources for future generations.”

The first-day-sales special event for both the Federal and Junior Duck Stamps was held June 26 at the new Bass Pro Shops at the Memphis Pyramid, which also houses the Ducks Unlimited Waterfowling Heritage Center. In addition to being required for migratory bird hunting, duck stamps are popular with stamp collectors, birders, wildlife photographers and wildlife art collectors. The stamp also offers free admission to any US Wildlife Refuge that charges for entry.

The Duck Stamp can now be purchased online, allowing immediate use for hunters. The actual stamp is delivered within 45 days.

Everything you need on the Duck Stamp.

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